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Curated By: Samreen Pall
Last Updated: March 18, 2024, 12:00 IST
New Delhi, India
Skoda Rapid In India Gets Lamborghini-Style Scissor Doors. (Photo: Cartoq)
Dreaming of owning a Lamborghini but short on cash? Well, here’s a trick some car enthusiasts are pulling off: fitting their standard rides with Lambo-style scissor doors.
A recent viral video showcases a Skoda Rapid owner in India who’s turned his sedan into a head-turner with signature Lambo doors, making it a one-of-a-kind spectacle on Indian roads.
Shared by Mihir Galat on YouTube, the video reveals the first-ever Skoda sedan in the country to flaunt these striking doors. The owner, featured in the clip, proudly explains how they defied skeptics who believed Skoda cars couldn’t handle such modifications due to build quality concerns.

Acknowledging criticism that such modifications might “ruin" the car, the owner defended their choice, emphasizing individual preferences in car customization.
Before delving into exterior alterations, attention is drawn to enhancements made to the Skoda Rapid’s powertrain. With a stage 2 tune from Code6 Tuners in Mumbai, the Skoda Rapid now packs an impressive 35 extra horsepower on top of its stock 108 bhp. Torque gains, however, remain untested as of yet.
Highlighting additional exterior modifications, the owner showcases BBS 10-spoke alloy wheels, each costing Rs 38,000, alongside a fiber front splitter with white pinstripes and a bolt-on rear spoiler on the decklid.
But what steals the spotlight? It’s none other than the aftermarket Lambo doors, custom-fabricated with a double bolt system for superior quality. Unlike typical Lambo doors, these can remain open even while the car is in motion, adding an extra dose of flair to the ride.
Procured from Delhi, the door kit complements a fully custom-made exhaust system, complete with pops and bangs tune, further enhancing the car’s performance and presence on the road.
In a world where automotive customization knows no bounds, the Skoda Rapid with Lamborghini doors emerges as a testament to individual creativity and the relentless pursuit of automotive dreams.


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