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Last Updated: March 28, 2024, 12:46 IST
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“A turquoise aerial fire in the form of aurora borealis,” Christiaan van Heijst wrote. (Photo Credits: Instagram)
A mesmerising spectacle unfolded high above the North Atlantic as a Dutch pilot, Christiaan van Heijst, seized an extraordinary moment from the cockpit of a Boeing 747. Capturing the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights, Christiaan shared the breathtaking images on Instagram. Van Heijst seized these captivating images while flying a few hundred miles south of Iceland, soaring above the vast expanse of the North Atlantic Ocean. He portrayed the Northern Lights as “A turquoise aerial fire in the form of aurora borealis.”
“A few hundred miles south of Iceland, somewhere over the North Atlantic ocean. A turquoise aerial fire in the form of aurora borealis while the city lights of Reykjavik illuminate the horizon in a contrasting, orange glow, far away,” Christiaan wrote.
Dutch pilot Christiaan van Heijst shared not only breathtaking images of the Northern Lights but also an entertaining anecdote behind capturing the moment. Describing the scene, he wrote “Artificial lights on the horizon: a beacon of civilisation and connectedness to the world after many hours of isolation: no communication in my headset except for the bare minimums in regard to procedures, nor any personal interaction from my Icelandic captain, who’s been mute ever since the landing gear went up on the other side of the planet. A character known for his absolute approach to colleagues and deliberate lack of conversational depth during flight.”

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As the flight progressed and the lights of Reykjavik came into view, the captain broke his silence. Van Heijst recounted the moment with amusement: “Without need, heed or warning, he opens up the intercom and takes his time to start his declaration for a single-person audience: me. Staring out of his window, eyes set on the distant orange glow from his left-hand window, he solemnly proclaims a few seconds later: “… the centre of the universe…”, allowing some moments of quiet contemplation and thought on my side, before switching his intercom off again, as if to underline this statement and retreating back in his cone of silence. Stoic minimalism at its best and I can’t help but silently chuckle at this unexpected and utterly dry sense of humour.”
After their landing at the cargo airport in central Europe, the silence between van Heijst and the captain continued. However, as they prepared to part ways, the captain broke the silence once more. “You’re a fun guy, looking forward to flying with you next time,” he confided to van Heijst.
The post garnered praise from online users, with one expressing, “Amazing! Thank you for sharing!” Another wrote, “Thank you for again sharing your wonderful magical world in the sky with us on earth. Very lovely photo.”


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