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Last Updated: March 28, 2024, 16:31 IST
Chennai, India
'India Not For Beginners': Chennai Auto Driver Installs 'Pipe' As Makeshift Fan For Summer (Photo Credits: Instagram/@sangeeeramez)
Indians never cease to amaze with their ‘Desi Jugaads,’ whether it’s at home or on the streets. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes an auto-rickshaw driver, ready to silence any doubts about the ingenuity ingrained in every Indian. What’s the latest feat, you wonder? Well, in a viral video making rounds, an auto-rickshaw is spotted sporting a rather unconventional addition – a pipe strategically placed in front of the driver.
Now, this isn’t your ordinary pipe. It’s a dual-ended wonder, with one extending outside the vehicle and the other inside the driver’s compartment. And what’s the purpose, you ask? Ingeniously, it acts as a targeted airflow system, providing the driver with a refreshing breeze during scorching summer days. Sounds too good to be true, right? But there’s science behind the magic – the Venturi effect, where fluid velocity increases and pressure decreases as it passes through a narrow section of a pipe.
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So, while it may sound like rocket science, for a Chennai auto-rickshaw driver, it’s just another day proving that ‘India isn’t for beginners.’

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The video, shared on Instagram, quickly gained attention and sparked a wave of comments. While some wondered about the purpose of the pipe, others took a more humorous approach.
“Free Air force,” exclaimed one user. Another joked, “I thought it was a horn… If you see it, sound will come more right.”
One commentator even suggested an improvement, writing, “Can improve further by applying the Venturi effect, decrease the size of the tube opening on the inside. It will cause the speed of the air to increase as it goes through a constriction, leading to a decrease in pressure and subsequently a drop in temperature.”
While we’re no scientists, it’s worth noting that the Venturi effect typically occurs in a pipe system with a constriction, affecting fluid flow. In this case, the pipe seems to function more as a makeshift fan to direct airflow towards the driver. While it’s possible that the narrowing of the pipe could result in some increase in airflow speed, the primary purpose here seems to be about directing air towards the driver rather than exploiting the Venturi effect for cooling.
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Since its share, the clip has skyrocketed to fame, amassing a staggering 38 million views on the platform.


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