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Last Updated: March 29, 2024, 15:35 IST
Bengaluru, India
Samuel Jayaraj coached KL Rahul at Nehru Maidan since he was 10.
Coach Samuel Jayaraj is known for introducing new talents to the Indian cricket team. One such example is KL Rahul. Now,` Jayaraj is looking forward to introducing new cricket talents. Jayaraj, who started cricket training in Mangalore, is trying to attract future cricket stars. Amrita Vidyalaya started a four-day free training where both boys and girls can join. They will train people aged 7 to 16 years and teach them cricket tips for free for four days. For this purpose, arrangements have been made for net training at Vidyalaya Stadium. Samuel Jayaraj’s mission is to teach all interested parties cricket. There is no difference between boys and girls.
At the young age of 10 years, KL Rahul was trained by Samuel Jayaraj at Nehru Maidan. Samuel Jayaraj is thrilled that his student Rahul excels in international cricket. Samuel Jayaraj has been a coach since 1986.
Jayaraj said in an interview, “At the age of 10, Rahul started training at Nehru Maidan for the Mangalore Sports Club. As a student, Rahul was disciplined, obedient and intelligent. He was also good at school.
“Rahul has skills and technology that improved with increasing maturity thanks to his hard work. We are still talking to each other. Even today, in difficult times, he seeks my advice. Technology and skill are a matter of course at a young age. The longer you play, be it for the state or the country, the better you get”.
“This is a proud moment for me and KSCA Mangaluru trainer Devdas Nayak. Rahul Dravid is Rahul’s role model. It is a blessing to see Rahul Dravid as coach and KL Rahul as captain. It is indeed a rare opportunity to see both Rahuls work together”.
“As coaches, we have to support and motivate the players when they don’t play well. Since his youth, I have never experienced that he doesn’t play well. He has always performed for us as a wicketkeeper, batter and captain. If he doesn’t play well, as a coach I have to find out why he doesn’t play well and make fine-tuning to help him get better. When you grow up, the mind takes control”, said Jayaraj.
Rahul is a very good student of this game, who keeps learning, praised Jayaraj. “I always tell him to stay calm and enjoy his game,” he added.


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