Democratising Tech to Data Privacy: PM Narendra Modi & Bill Gates Discuss India’s Inclusive Digital Vision – News18

Reported By: Bhaswati Guha Majumder
Last Updated: March 29, 2024, 15:46 IST
New Delhi, India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates during a meeting at his residence, in New Delhi on March 28, 2024. (X/@BJP4India)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a dialogue with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, covering a wide array of critical issues ranging from technological advancements to digital transformation strategies.
Modi highlighted India’s unique approach to the digital revolution, emphasising the nation’s steadfast commitment to democratising technology. He elucidated how India’s model ensures that technological advancements are accessible to all, preventing monopolies and fostering a sense of ownership and trust among the populace. His emphasis on inclusivity underscored India’s vision of leveraging technology as a catalyst for societal empowerment and progress.
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When questioned about the areas of technological advancement that excite him the most, PM Modi passionately discussed India’s groundbreaking initiatives in health, agriculture and education.
He showcased India’s remarkable progress in establishing Ayushman Arogya Mandir Health Centers in rural areas, interconnected with urban hospitals through modern technology. Moreover, he emphasised the transformative potential of technology in revolutionising education and enhancing agricultural practices, underscoring India’s commitment to addressing fundamental societal challenges through innovation.
To avoid the risk of misuse of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we should start using clear watermarks on AI-generated content. In case of deepfake, it is crucial to specify that a particular content is deepfake and AI-generated.
We need to establish dos and don'ts in AI.
– PM…
— BJP (@BJP4India) March 29, 2024
PM Modi articulated his vision of extending digital facilities to every village in India. He emphasised the pivotal role of women in embracing and driving technological advancements, unveiling the Namo Drone Didi scheme aimed at empowering women-led self-help groups with drone technology. According to him, this initiative not only aims to catalyse economic empowerment, but also seeks to foster a culture of innovation and leadership among women in rural India.
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Addressing concerns surrounding data privacy and security, Modi showcased India’s robust legal framework while emphasising the importance of public awareness and simplified compliance measures. He reiterated India’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance service delivery and improve citizens’ quality of life while ensuring the protection of their data rights.
In response to Bill Gates’s query regarding the utilisation of data without compromising privacy, PM Modi outlined a multifaceted approach, emphasising the need for both public education on data contribution and transparent intentions behind data requests. He stressed the importance of “prioritising research and ensuring that data usage serves the global good”, underscoring India’s commitment to ethical data practices.
Reflecting on the role of government in fostering technological innovation, Modi unveiled India’s ambitious plans to invest in environment-friendly solutions and promote research and development in future technologies. He highlighted India’s recent budget announcement of Rs 1 lakh crore to boost technological innovation, showcasing the government’s unwavering commitment to nurturing a conducive ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship.


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