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Last Updated: March 14, 2024, 10:52 IST
New Delhi, India
Indian Filter Coffee Second On List Of Top 38 Coffees In The World
India’s filter coffee, also known as filter kaapi, has transcended regional boundaries to find a global fanbase. Its rich history and distinct flavor profile make it a truly unique coffee experience.
The story of filter coffee stretches back centuries. While the exact origin is unclear, it’s believed to have emerged in Karnataka in South India during the colonial era. The French influence is evident in the use of chicory, a roasted root vegetable that adds a characteristic earthy bitterness to the coffee. Traditionally, filter coffee was brewed using a unique stainless steel filter apparatus with two chambers. Hot water slowly drips through finely ground coffee powder in a process known as percolation, considered by many to be the best method to draw out the full flavor of the beans. This results in a strong and flavorful concentrate.
Anurag Bhamidipaty, co-founder, Roastea, says, “The coffee beans used in filter coffee are a blend, typically consisting of 70-90% Arabica and 10-20% Robusta. Arabica beans provide a smooth and aromatic base, while Robusta adds a touch of strength. Chicory, as mentioned earlier, contributes a subtle bitterness that complements the coffee’s natural flavors.”
The brewing process is an art form in itself. “Traditionally, jaggery or honey were used as sweeteners, but today white sugar is more common. The final touch comes in the form of a theatrical pouring technique. The hot coffee concentrate is rhythmically poured back and forth between two vessels, creating a frothy layer on top. This froth, a signature element of filter coffee, adds a delightful textural contrast to the smooth brew,” adds Bhamidipaty.
The distinct aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee is a familiar scent in many South Indian households, often serving as a warm welcome in the mornings. “Filter coffee is now also made available to the corporate world through vending solutions provided by us, making it the everyday beverage of office goers across the country. Beyond its taste, filter coffee is deeply ingrained in Indian culture; a social beverage, enjoyed with friends, family, and colleagues,” signs off Bhamidipaty.


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