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Last Updated: March 25, 2024, 10:00 IST
Delhi, India
Holi is one of the most prominent Hindu festivals. (Image Credits: YouTube/@UnderTheSameSkye)
Holi is undoubtedly one of the most prominent Hindu festivals. It is celebrated with much pomp and show in many parts of Northern India. However, under the guise of festivities, many people put colour or throw water balloons over strangers who are unwilling to participate. For a long time now, women’s rights groups have highlighted how harassment is sanctioned during Holi by using the old saying “Bura na mano Holi hai". The culture of drinking bhang, an edible preparation made from cannabis leaves, leads to intoxication-induced accidents, fights, and hooliganism. Such things tarnish the festivities for those who celebrate Holi responsibly.
Here are five instances where Holi celebrations crossed a line in India:
1- A video went viral on X that showed two men standing through the sunroof of a Kia car, and throwing water balloons at unsuspecting pedestrians. This video was taken by someone who was driving behind this car. When the miscreants noticed that they were being recorded they tried to aim a water balloon at the person recording them. An X user named Sneha Singh shared this video and tagged Delhi police and traffic police in the post. The video was taken in Vasant Kunj in Delhi on March 16, 2024.
Yesterday afternoon 16.03.24 in vasant kunj New Delhi, these two boys throwing random water balloons on people and ladies too in the street. This is extremely dangerous and could have injured someone badly. @DelhiPolice @dtptraffic @ndtv @ZeeNews @aajtak @DelhiPoliceCom1 pic.twitter.com/GnMEhjV9Zw— sneha singh (@snehasi78473513) March 17, 2024
2- A video from Dhampur in Uttar Pradesh went viral that showed a group of men following two burkha-clad women and continuously pelting them with colour-filled water balloons. The older woman takes off her chappal so that she can move faster and escape the hooligans. One of these hooligans shot this video and uploaded it on his social media.
यह वीडियो प्रशांत नामक नामक युवक ने " होली की शुभकामनाएं"कैप्शन के साथ इंस्टाग्राम पर पोस्ट की गई है, इस वीडियो की मैंने जांच की तो पाया कि ये धामपुर (बिजनौर) के भगत सिंह चौराहे की है जहां मज़बूरो को जानबूझकर परेशान किया गया और ज़बरन रंग से नहलाया गया है! pic.twitter.com/i2Kw6i2Zco— Zakir Ali Tyagi (@ZakirAliTyagi) March 9, 2023
3- A video tarnished India’s image as a global tourist destination after it showed a group of men cornering a Japanese woman, forcefully putting colour on her and groping her in Delhi’s Paharganj area. One man smashes an egg over her head. This video prompted much outrage. Swati Maliwal, the former chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women issued a notice to Delhi Police to examine the video and arrest the perpetrators. Delhi Police arrested three boys, including a juvenile, for groping and harassing the woman.

4- In 2020, a travel vlogger named Skye shared a video on YouTube that was titled ‘Sexually Assaulted During Holi Festival In Varanasi.’ In the video, she shared how men forcefully put colour on her and touched her inappropriately. In the video’s caption, she wrote that she was advised to not venture outside during Holi but she disregarded this advice and went out only to regret the decision. Skye wrote, “After 2 minutes outside I was sexually assaulted." She added, “In India, the pictures you see of foreigners enjoying Holi festival are usually taken inside the hostel grounds, where they throw a party for their guests."

5- In March 2022, a 22-year-old man was stabbed to death and his 20-year-old brother was injured by a group of men after a fight broke out over playing loud music during Holi celebrations at East Punjabi Bagh in Delhi. Six men were arrested and booked for murder and voluntarily causing hurt, the police said.


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