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Last Updated: March 13, 2024, 16:41 IST
Delhi, India
What's Wrong With India? Indian Government Has 'This' Take on Viral Trend (Photo Credits: X/iStock)
Nobody is perfect, and neither is a country. So, when voices from abroad started pointing fingers at India for its recent mishaps, Desis didn’t just nod along. Oh no, they weren’t about to swallow that bitter pill without a rebuttal. It all began when certain posts gained attention, painting India in shades darker than midnight under the banner, ‘What’s wrong with India?’ But Desis weren’t having it. They quickly mobilised, firing back at the critics on ‘X’ and the platform boss, Elon Musk, accusing them of favouring negativity with a supposedly “biased algorithm.”
But then, a shining star emerged! The official handle of India’s government-citizen engagement platform, @MyGovIndia, joined the fray but with a twist that hit the mark perfectly. Under the same banner, “What’s wrong with India?”, the ‘X’ handle shared images of four news reports showcasing the country’s achievements over the past couple of years, injecting a hint of sarcasm into the negativity.
These clippings boasted of India’s triumphs: eradicating extreme poverty, conquering the moon’s South Pole, earning accolades from the IMF for its economic growth, and leading the charge in digital infrastructure. Clearly, the government’s response aimed to cast India in a positive light amidst the deluge of posts highlighting issues like women’s safety, crime, hygiene, and corruption.
What's wrong with India? pic.twitter.com/uOfvXOcBYH— MyGovIndia (@mygovindia) March 12, 2024
But this was just the beginning. Scores of ‘X’ users rallied behind the government, flooding the feed with images and videos of similar incidents from other nations, all under the banner of ‘What’s wrong with India?’. From sidewalk sleepers in Philadelphia to daytime harassment in broad daylight and bizarre subway antics in New York, Desis turned the tables on foreign critics, showcasing that no nation is immune to such issues and it was a collective jab at the biased algorithm that had everyone poking fun at India.
What’s wrong with India pic.twitter.com/J8DHZh9HbM— Subhash Kak ☀️ (@subhash_kak) March 12, 2024
OMG!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH INDIA ??? This doesn't happen in USA I'm never going ever!! pic.twitter.com/toLM1F4ACr— Rosy (@rose_k01) March 13, 2024
What's wrong with India ? pic.twitter.com/kw1hOjvfYP— Lost Temples™ (@LostTemple7) March 12, 2024
What's Wrong With India pic.twitter.com/iu8Dbf6bXk— Abhishek (@be_mewadi) March 12, 2024
WHAT'S WRONG WITH INDIA India is unsafe for women #WhatsWrongWithIndia #UkraineRussiaWarpic.twitter.com/0u3gXYQed9— anurag️‍ (@viratians21) March 13, 2024
Truly, when it comes to defending their homeland, Indians don’t hold back, and their response speaks volumes!


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