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Last Updated: March 26, 2024, 23:52 IST
New Delhi, India
Union Home Minister Amit Shah. (File photo: News18)
Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday emphasised that both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the entire Parliament firmly believe that Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) is an integral part of India, asserting that both Muslims and Hindus living there are Indians.
During an interview with the JK Media Group, Amit Shah stated, “The Muslims and Hindus brothers living in POK are Indians, and the land, which has been illegally occupied by Pakistan, belongs to India. It is the goal of every Indian, every Kashmiri to get it back.”
The Union Minister also urged the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to steer clear of Pakistan’s conspiracies.
“Today Pakistan is shrouded by the scourge of hunger and poverty and even people there see Kashmir as heaven. I want to tell everyone that if anyone can save Kashmir, he is Prime Minister Modi,” he said.
While speaking on the government’s decision to revoke Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, Shah highlighted that the people in the Valley were misled with misinformation regarding the abrogation.
“It was always said that once Article 370 is abrogated, the culture, language and existence of Kashmiriyat will be threatened. It is now five years after the abrogation but nothing such has happened. Kashmiris are free today, the importance of the Kashmiri language, and food culture have enhanced and tourists are flocking to the tourist spots of Kashmir,” the minister said.
During the interview, Shah addressed several myths surrounding Article 370, including claims that lakhs of people would move to Kashmir, ‘threatening the very existence of Kashmiriyat’. He stated that such myth has been debunked.
“Under the shadows of Article 370, a separatist ideology was shaped and the youths of Jammu and Kashmir were dragged into terrorism. Pakistan misused this situation and in the last 4 decades, more than 40,000 youths lost their lives,” Shah remarked.
The Home Minister highlighted that Jammu and Kashmir is now progressing. “Terrorism is on the decline, and incidents of stone-pelting have completely stopped. An anti-corruption bureau has been established to curb corruption, ensuring that public funds reach the intended recipients,” he added.
Regarding the controversial Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, Shah also disclosed the central government’s plan to consider revoking the act in Jammu and Kashmir, indicating that the Centre intends to withdraw troops from the Union Territory (UT) and entrust law and order responsibilities solely to the Jammu and Kashmir Police.
“We have plans to pull back troops and leave law and order to the Jammu and Kashmir Police alone. Earlier, the Jammu and Kashmir police was not trusted but today they are leading the operations,” he stated.
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