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In a front page advertisement issued in The Economic Times and Indian Express on February 7, News18 India has claimed to have beaten its competitor Aaj Tak to reach the number one position during the Ram Mandir consecration week.
The ad campaign launched in Wednesday’s newspaper highlights News18 India’s remarkable lead over Aaj Tak. According to the latest viewership data from BARC, with 9.48 crore AMA’s, News18 India remained ahead of Aaj Tak, which garnered 9.33 crore AMA’s during the week of temple inauguration.
The ad campaign will also go live on social media, with visibility on trade media as well.
In the run up to the historical consecration ceremony of the Ayodhya Ram Temple that took place on January 22nd, News18 India significantly enhanced its coverage and launched 100 hours of special, non-stop programming, titled ‘Shree Ram Mahaparv’. Besides the special shows, the inauguration coverage featured the channel's top anchors, who hosted live shows from Ayodhya, providing insights into the cultural, historical, and religious significance of the Ram Temple.
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