Infant Dies After Father Accidentally Drops Him From Raipur Mall's 3rd Floor | On Cam – News18

Curated By: Kavya Mishra
Last Updated: March 20, 2024, 13:02 IST
Raipur, India
Incident was caught on CCTV footage from Raipur's City Centre Mall.
In a tragic incident that took place at the City Centre Mall in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur, a man accidentally dropped his one-year-old child from his arms. The baby died after falling from a height.
The unfortunate incident was caught on the mall’s CCTV and the footage captured the exact moment when the child fell from his father’s arm while the man was trying to prevent another child from going up the escalator.
The toddler fell some 40 feet down on the floor from the third floor of the shopping mall, TOI reported. The incident took place at a mall in Raipur on Tuesday late when a family of four was getting on an escalator.
Unfortunately, the infant slipped from his grasp and fell from a height. They rushed the child to the hospital, where he was declared deceased upon arrival.
The case has been registered at Devendra Nagar police station and an investigation of the matter has begun.
Last month, a 14-month-old baby boy lost his life after he accidentally fell from the arms of his mother in Hyderabad.
As per TOI, the baby’s mother was heading to a medical shop after a check-up at the hospital when she tripped and fell. Toddler-son Sidhu, who was in her arms, also fell and suffered a severe head injury. She rushed to the hospital where the boy died in the night.


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