Indian Govt Raises Major Security Alert For Firefox Browser Users: What We Know – News18

Reported By: S Aadeetya
Last Updated: March 22, 2024, 14:46 IST
Delhi, India
CERT-In has a new warning for Firefox users in India
The Indian government has been proactively warning its users about major security threats, something that we have seen happen for Apple, Chrome and Adobe users. But now, Firefox users have also been alerted about some major security risks that can be handled by updating to the latest version of the Mozilla products.
You can head over to CERT-In website for the latest security bulletin which details the problem with Firefox and what this high severity rated warning means for the users. and how it can be used to steal data from the affected users. The biggest concern about this alert is that multiple Firefox products are affected by this new threat.
These vulnerabilities exist in Mozilla products due to Windows error reporter could be used as a Sandbox escape vector. These issues can leave them vulnerable if the hackers are able to bypass their device security and gain access to confidential data. The following Mozilla products are affected by these issues:
– Firefox ESR versions before 115.9
– Firefox iOS versions before 124
– Mozilla Thunderbird version before 115.9
CERT-In has clearly advised people to update their Mozilla products to the latest version. The company has already issued a new patch which prevents these issues from targeting and attacking your device. The security agency also says do not install apps from third-party sources or click on links sent by unknown people.


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