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Last Updated: March 27, 2024, 17:44 IST
Kochi [Cochin], India
Mangoes are one of the most consumed summer fruits in India.
Farmers in India grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in their gardens. They sell it in exhibitions or markets to earn their living. However, for a farmer, better recognition is not when they develop profitable yields but when their crops are named after them.
Achieving the same milestone, a farmer from Pulikkal village in Kondotty block of Malappuram district in Kerala now has a mango named after him. Grown and cultivated at his home farm, the mango is now named Ilyas Mango. He develops and markets the decades-old and tasty mavin saplings to produce this mango.
In the video covered by Local18, farmer Ilyasi is shown with his mangoes which are green in colour. On the poster, the photo of Ilyas Mango is shown. Ilyas is seen advertising his homegrown mango crop. People are shocked to see this new variety of crops as seen in the video.
Mangoes are one of the most consumed summer fruits in India, especially in states like Maharashtra. A variety of Mango farmers advertise their homegrown mangoes in food festivals and other places during summer. Last year, during Solapur’s famous Mango festival, a farmer Dattatreya Gadge caught eyeballs for giving a political name to the mango that weighs over two kilograms. The pictures of it immediately went viral. He named the mango Sharad Mango.
While explaining the reason for the unexpected name of the mango, the farmer said that he named it after Sharad Pawar to honour his efforts for the plantation of mango trees in the state of Maharashtra. The Phalbagh scheme was started by Pawar when he was Chief Minister of the state. In this scheme, about 7000 kesar mango trees were planted on 8 acres of agricultural land.
He also explained how ‘Sharad Mango’ has become one of the most popular mangoes during the festival essentially because of its weight and name. It weighed 2.5 kilograms. People were seen clicking pictures and taking videos of Sharad Mango due to its size and weight. It immediately went viral last year during the festival.


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