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Last Updated: March 29, 2024, 10:51 IST
Delhi, India
The only registered car is an ambulance operated by the municipality.
Tourism is a rapidly growing sector. Many metropolises and even hill stations struggle with pollution and crowds these days, which affects their natural environment. The occasional travel to a pollution-free zone for recovery is slowly turning into a necessity. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a quiet and clean place. If you are looking for such a place, Matheran is for you. Matheran is located in Maharashtra, about 90 km from Mumbai. It is Asia’s only car-free hill station! No vehicles are allowed in Matheran, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly destinations in India. A car-free zone? Doesn’t that mean horning? No pollution? Yes! Matheran was declared a car-free zone in 2003; to this day, many travellers from nearby cities such as Mumbai choose Matheran for a relaxing weekend trip. No vehicles are allowed beyond the Dasturi Point, so you are guaranteed a horn-free, quiet zone for relaxing, breathing in fresh air and spending valuable time with yourself and your loved ones.
The only registered car is an ambulance operated by the municipality. The best way to explore the area is on foot, on horseback or with a hand-drawn rickshaw. Matheran is an ecologically sensitive zone declared by the Indian Ministry of the Environment and Forestry. It is difficult to imagine a place in today’s world where no vehicles are registered; but in Matheran, this has been practised for a long time. By banning motor vehicles, the ecology of this fragile region was protected from the mining and quarry industry.
According to news reports, the Supreme Court has allowed the government of Maharashtra to implement its proposal to introduce some environmentally friendly e-rickshaws on an experimental basis in the ecologically sensitive zone of Matheran. This step took place after the feasibility in the said area had been checked. In addition, all new buildings as well as the use of plastic and cutting of trees were prohibited.
Even the streets here are not paved and are made of red laterite soil. In addition, Matheran is blessed with semi-evergreen and evergreen forests that cover the tabletop, enhance the natural beauty and make you feel closer to nature. Who doesn’t enjoy a quiet weekend when you come back to school or work? Life in the city sometimes makes us forget how relaxing it is to be in nature. Is that right? Matheran is the perfect example of this. You can spend a whole weekend without hearing a single horn!


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