Exclusive | Aamir Khan Announces Daughter Ira To Marry on Jan 3: 'I'm Going To Cry a Lot That Day' – News18

Written By: Dishya Sharma
Last Updated: October 11, 2023, 06:56 IST
Mumbai, India
Aamir Khan shares daughter Ira Khan's wedding date.
Aamir Khan has announced his daughter Ira Khan’s wedding date. Aamir, speaking exclusively with News18 India, revealed that Ira will marry her boyfriend Nupur Shikare on January 3. Ira and Nupur got engaged earlier this year and they hosted an intimate but fun engagement party for family and friends as well. While it was rumoured that she will get married by the end of this year, Aamir has confirmed he is starting 2024 with his daughter’s wedding. Aamir also admitted that he is going be very emotional on Ira’s wedding and the family is mentally preparing for the same.
Speaking with News18 India, Aamir confirmed the date and praised his soon-to-be son-in-law. “Ira is getting married on January 3. The boy she has chosen is — waise toh pet name unka naam Popoye hai — he is trainer, he has arms like Popoye but his name is Nupur. He is a lovely boy. When Ira was battling depression, he was with her. He is really someone who has stood by her and emotionally supported her. I am happy that she has selected a boy who… they are so happy together. They are very well connected, they really look after each other and care for each other,” he said.
“This might be a filmy dialogue but I feel Nupur is like a son. Nupur is such a fine boy, we really feel he’s part of the family and his mother, Pritam ji, is someone who is already a part of our family,” the Taare Zameen Par star said. Asked if he is going to be emotional at the wedding, Aamir said, “Main toh bada emotional hota hoon bhai, uss din main bahut rone waala hoon yeh toh tay hai. Discussions have already begun in the family that ‘Aamir ko sambaalna uss din (take care of Aamir that day)’ because I am very emotional. I can’t control my smile nor my tears.”
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Aamir took a break from work to spend time with his family. Speaking about the break, Aamir said that this has helped him improve his relationship with his family. “My relationship with my family is improving everyday and I am enjoying that. I am enjoying with my children,” he said.
“This is a good phase for me because I can finally see people in my personal space more clearly. When I was lost in the passion of the creative world, people around you get blurred. It is not that they are not around, it isn’t that you don’t love them, even if there is a smallest inconvinience, I will drop everything to be by their side. But that was just emergency situations. It shouldn’t be that way. That person should be important to you on a daily basis. These are the things I learnt and realised in this two and a half years which has made me much calmer,” Aamir added.


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