End Of OnePlus TV? Company Takes Down TV Models From India Website – News18

Reported By: S Aadeetya
Last Updated: March 21, 2024, 07:30 IST
Delhi, India
OnePlus has taken down the TVs from its website in India
It looks like OnePlus has exited the smart TV market in India and we are seeing this based on recent developments spotted this week. OnePlus has not launched any new smart TV in the country for a while, as it beefs up the smartphone portfolio, while entering new segments like tablet and foldables. And if that wasn’t enough, the product lineup has been completely taken down from the company’s website.
At the time of writing, OnePlus did not have any of its TV models listed on the official website, which pretty much signals the end of the lineup for the company.
We had a feeling that OnePlus is planning something big with its product lineup in India, and the first signs became evident in October last year, when a report suggested OnePlus and Realme are planning to exit the smart TV market. The report quoted sources saying, both OnePlus and Realme will move out of the TV category which includes the production side as well.
One might say that a decision as big as ending a product lineup is not taken overnight, and it is likely that ever since OnePlus started working under Oppo, things have been streamlined with focus on the high-volume or popular products. It’s not like the OnePlus TVs didn’t sell at all in the country, but even the brand realises the difference in selling a phone and having TVs in its lineup.
After all, people tend to upgrade phones every 2-3 years, but a TV is expected to be an investment for 10-year or more. The news of OnePlus exiting the TV segment means Xiaomi has a clear leadership in the market, followed by Samsung and other brands like Vu, TCL and more to follow.
But OnePlus needs to ensure that its existing OnePlus TV buyers are not left high and dry. They will need to be given proper after-sale support, including offering them spare parts for their TV models. OnePlus entered the smart TV market in India with the TV Q1 series in 2019.
Since then, it has launched a broad range of TVs, even targeting the budget 32-inch segment. If OnePlus has stopped its TV business in India, the company should come forward and share the update with the public. That’s the least it can do, especially for those who have spent their hard-earned money on their TVs.
OnePlus and Realme exiting this segment, and Xiaomi also unlikely to bring its laptops to the country anymore, people might be less inclined to buy products from these new-age brands, and stick with the traditional names like Samsung, LG and Sony, among others, going forward.


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