'Burnt Us, No Food For 15 Days': A Traumatic Tale of Two Haryana Brothers Who Were Forced to Join Russian A – News18

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Last Updated: March 30, 2024, 17:17 IST
Karnal, India
However, the two boys refused to join the Russian army, so they were jailed for entering the country illegally. (File image via AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)
Earlier this month, India ‘strongly’ asked its all-weather-friend Russia to ‘promptly’ repatriate Indian nationals allegedly coerced into serving in the Russian army under pretenses. It was the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that conducted various raids to uncover a human trafficking gang, transporting Indians to Russia.
During the investigation, it was revealed that many were lured to Moscow on the pretext of securing admission into private universities and then were forced to fight against Ukraine. In case they refused, they were jailed in the country with a serious charge of ‘invalid travel permits’.
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Sharing their traumatic tale, two Haryana cousins, Mukesh and Sunny claimed that the Russian army has more than 200 men from south Asia, reported Times of India, adding that these nationals are ‘trapped’ in camps set up by fraudulent immigration agents in a Russian forest on the border between Russia and Belarus.
These agents are paid Rs 2 lakh each for bringing in young men from different countries to join the Russian army.
They forced the nationals to join the army otherwise they will be sent to jail for ‘illegal crossings’. They would be imprisoned for at least 10 years and if the men join army, they will get a pay of Rs 2.5 lakh per month with a Russian passport, said the two cousins, as they pray for safe return of other boys.
These agents then force these men to join the Russian army. The two cousins who also fell into the trap said they were promised a job in a hotel in Germany but were instead sent to Bangkok. They were then transported to Belarus by air and then they entered Moscow through the border forests where the camps were set up, reported the English daily.
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These agents first try to tempt them with a Russian bride, work permit, and even Russian passports, if they join the army, said the cousins, adding that people who display injuries all over their body were ‘kept hungry and thirsty’, and were harassed both physically and mentally by these immigration agents in these camps.
However, the two boys refused to join the Russian army, so they were jailed for entering the country illegally. “Our two friends are still trapped there and their families are very stressed,” said Sunny.
Showing injuries, Mukesh said that they were tortured. “They burned us with heated wood and matchsticks, made us lie on ice, pointed guns and knives at us,” he said. Displaying an injury, Sunny said that they were not given food for about 15 days.
The Haryana brothers said a Moscow lawyer charged Rs 6 lakh to get them out of the jail. The lawyer also informed the duo that Russia has immigration agents on its payroll. Families of Sunny and Mukesh ended up paying Rs 25 lakh and Rs 35 lakh in an endeavours to send the duo to Germany.
They have now filed complaint against six immigration agents, including a woman, under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. These agents are charged under Sections 402 (assembling to commit dacoity) and 420 (cheating).


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