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Written By: Vineet Ramakrishnan
Last Updated: December 07, 2023, 11:26 IST
New Delhi, India
WWE's Braun Strowman during his visit to India (News18 Photo)
Braun Strowman has been out of action for a prolonged time, but in a tale of resilience, WWE’s powerhouse is on the road to recovery after undergoing spinal fusion surgery and is itching to make a grand return. He was in India as part of Sony Sports Network’s WWE promotional tour, and speaking exclusively to News18 Sports, The Monster of all Monsters discusses the challenges of his major injury, the influence of the late Bray Wyatt, and the added responsibility of continuing the Wyatt Family legacy.
With a potential return at the Royal Rumble looming, he reflects on his past, eyes future feuds, and expresses gratitude to the passionate Indian fans eagerly awaiting his return.
What is the update on your injury? What is the course of your rehab and How far are you in terms of making a return to the ring?
So I just recently had my five-month check-up, with Dr. Cordoba, at the world-famous Andrews Medical Centre, where WWE graced me to have my surgery with the number one surgeon in the world. So I did my five-month check-up and got medically cleared to start lifting weights. So the bones are fusing nicely in my neck. So I had a cervical fusion on my C4 and C5. So they put a metal plate and four screws in my neck. I had four screws and a metal plate put it in my neck. Doc cleared me to start lifting weights again, which was a major blessing because I was going crazy sitting around eight weeks of doing nothing. I lost 35 pounds just sitting around for eight weeks because I wasn’t eating like I normally do since I wasn’t lifting. So I didn’t need all those extra calories. So now we’re trying to put the weight back on. The goal for 2024 is to continue this. As I said, I go back after the first year to have another check-up and then get back in the ring, getting back into shape and then getting back to passing these hands out.
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Are we looking at a grand return at the Royal Rumble next year?
You know when I’m back. Just know that. I don’t know yet; if I could be back in Rumble, that’d be great. But like I said, I’m at the mercy of the doctors and what they say. I’m listening to them because this was a very serious injury that I had. So slow and steady as the process on the company is so supportive behind me and stuff. I’m staying busy now. Normally, I probably wouldn’t be here right now doing this if it wasn’t for that. You always take the glass half full line, find your blessings and everything. So now that I’m out with the surgery, I’ve gotten cleared to be able to travel and stuff. So now they’re going to send me around doing all the media stuff. So that’s why I’m here. So it’s an unbelievable blessing to be able to continue to work, do what I love, and get the output, and reaction on people’s faces.
Braun, it’s a major injury that you had. Do you re-assess your career after this?
I’ll be a little more cautious thinking because now that I have some hardware and stuff like that. But at the end of the day, I don’t know, I’m crazy. I’ve worked around the injuries. As I said earlier, my left leg is 15% paralyzed and it has been my entire career. I don’t make excuses. I get it done. So we’re going to get it done.

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Since your time away from TV, the landscape of WWE has changed. The last time we saw you on Live TV was at Bray Wyatt’s tribute show. And you’ve talked about it, how special Bray is. And everybody in that WWE Roster has talked about it. But Windham Rotunda was also very special to you. Three months after his passing, when you look back at the time you spent with him, how much of an influence was he in your career?
Oh, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career or life without that man. He did so much for me as far as in the business of teaching me to navigate my way through this crazy industry. He taught me how to be a better performer in the ring. But the most that I take away from my time with Bray Wyatt and the eight years that I got to spend with him was to be a better person. He’s one of the greatest human beings that has ever stepped foot on this earth. When you see this scary character and stuff like that, the ‘FIEND’ and everything that Bray Wyatt’s done, if you get to meet the man that was behind the mask — to say, a family man, never met a stranger, and kind to everyone, and something that I aspire to be.
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Now, I’m a godfather to this son, so I know that I have this big responsibility and things like that that I never dreamed that I pray that I never would have to step into. But I’m honoured at the fact that I was chosen by him to lead if something were to happen to him. So it’s a truly humbling honour knowing that I have that weight put on my back and I carry it proudly. So especially with my return to WWE, like I have, I’m not only coming back for me, I’m coming back for him.
Again, I go back to that question of re-assessing in a way. There’s also Luke Harper we lost from the Wyatt family. These personal losses, how does it change for you as a performer?
It’s like I said, I think it ways I’m carrying on a legacy. I mean, the Wyatt family was such a near and dear part of my family with four brothers who taught me the ways of the business with Eric Rowan, Luke Harper, and Bray and the amazing thing that we were able to capture on television, on film. And knowing that two of those guys are never going to be able to step foot in the ring again, I have that pressure that I carry, that weight that I carry proudly knowing that I’m continuing on the legacy of what we had started 10 years ago.
‘Wyatt Family’, ‘The Monster Among Men’, ‘Monster of all Monsters’ – Is the Wyatt Family storyline still the highest point of your career so far?
Honestly, if I think back to the most fun and things like that, it was learning. My most precious time as a WWE Superstar was being in the Wyatt family. I love it. Like I said, every opportunity that I have I get to step out there and do what I do. But being that young, hungry kid, green kid that didn’t know his ankle from his headlock and everything else and then having those guys teach me in the ring, teach me in life and stuff like that is something that I really, really cherish, especially now that the two of the four of us are gone.
Looking forward to your return, in the past apart from the program with Roman Reigns, you never had a longish feud with someone else. Who do you have your eyes set on now? – Maybe Gunther?
Yeah, I would love to have another go at Guntur. I mean, he’s one of what, four men that have ever been able to put my shoulders to the mat for three. And I give kudos to him. What he’s done with the Intercontinental Championship. He has completely elevated [the title], higher than it’s ever been elevated before. In my opinion, he’s the greatest Intercontinental Champion that WWE has ever had, and he’s brought prestige to that title. So the person that’s able to take that away from him, that would speak volumes. And getting back in that ring, mixing it back up because he’s a fierce competitor. I like competition, and when somebody brings it to me like that, it makes me go, Okay!
But there’s a whole new monster coming back. So be ready.
You have had that predominantly singles run for the last five years. But we have seen you be part of tag teams as well, with a good amount of success with someone like Richochet. Your thoughts on going forward as a singles performer or not?
Anything. I love the opportunity to work, tag team stuff. And that’s what my big thing is. I don’t like people gang up on other people because I’ve been dealt with that my whole career of having to fight multiple people at a time. So when I see somebody who’s in distress and could use a hand, why not lend two of the biggest in the world out to them? So I had a lot of fun wrestling with Richochet, seeing that we’re completely two different human beings and we’re somehow the same species, but look at the size and the difference between us and what he brings to the table and his athletic ability, high flying, aerial, acrobatics, and what I bring my brute strength raw, just ruthless aggression. If you think about it, there is no weak point in that tag team. We have every aspect of what a sports entertainer, what a professional wrestler could be in that with the mix of the both of us. We were starting to cook. The audience was getting behind us. We’re having a lot of fun. You never know that’s what I said. If Richochet needs a hand when I come back, I’d gladly reach out to him.
One last question before we sign off. A message from the Indian fans…
Thank you so much for the continued love of what we do with myself – the Monster of all Monsters – Braun Strowman and all of my co-workers at the WWE. The passion of the Indian fans is unbelievable and we thank you so very much. And we look forward to getting back over here and being live for you again. Namaste, India.

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