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Last Updated: March 26, 2024, 10:27 IST
Delhi, India
Sufi Malik, Anjali Chakra (Photo Credits: Instagram)
Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik, the Queer Indian-Pakistani couple whose breathtaking photos once illuminated social media, took an unexpected turn this weekend. Amidst a blaze of online fervour, they disclosed not only the cancellation of their impending wedding but also an unsettling tale of infidelity. In separate Instagram posts, they laid bare the heartbreaking truth—Sufi’s betrayal had shattered their dreams of matrimony.
Anjali, with a mix of candour and grace, revealed, “This may come as a shock, but our journey is shifting. We have decided to call off our wedding and end our relationship due to infidelity committed by Sufi.” She requested for compassion, urging that “absolutely no negativity” be directed towards her partner.

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Sufi, on the other hand, took responsibility for her actions, admitting to cheating on her fiancée just weeks before their planned wedding.

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This revelation comes after a five-year journey together, ending in an engagement just a year prior. As the dust settled, Anjali even clarified the removal of their online wedding registry, dispelling any whispers of them pulling a prank.
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But, Who are They?
Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik are a pair of influential Californians. Malik, an artist and teacher, and Chakra, an event planner, initially crossed paths on Tumblr. After seven years, they officially began dating, with Anjali taking the first step by messaging Sufi about her experiences as a queer South Asian woman. Their relationship blossomed, leading to an in-person meeting in New York and the start of their romantic journey in 2018.
Their fame skyrocketed in 2019 when they participated in an ad campaign for Borrow the Bazaar. Despite having two weddings to attend that weekend, they agreed to the shoot in exchange for free attire rentals. When the photos were shared online, they quickly went viral.
A New York Love Story— Sarowar (@therealsarowar) July 28, 2019
With their diverse backgrounds—Sufi being Muslim and Pakistani, and Anjali Hindu and Indian—their love story transcended cultural barriers, eliciting widespread enthusiasm and joy.
Their subsequent viral moments, including anniversary snapshots in traditional attire, further cemented their place as symbols of love and acceptance.

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In 2022, they joyously announced their engagement, with Anjali calling it the “easiest yes” of her life. Until recently, their wedding planning seemed to be progressing smoothly, with updates regularly shared on social media.
But now, the recent announcement of their breakup has brought their fairy tale to an abrupt halt.


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