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Curated By: Purvi Khemani
Last Updated: March 27, 2024, 09:15 IST
Delhi, India
Instant Karma? Man Snatches Woman’s Chain in Moving Train (Photo Credits: X/@rnsaai)
Train thefts are on the rise in India, where thieves employ a variety of cunning tactics to deceive and assault passengers, aiming to steal their valuables. This trend is a constant reminder of the risks travellers face, especially when videos capturing such incidents circulate online. Recently, this cautionary tale unfolded dramatically in shocking CCTV footage capturing a man’s attempt to snatch a woman’s necklace on a moving train, only to meet a swift dose of ‘karma’.
How did it happen? The video, shared on ‘X’ with the caption: “While travelling on a train, be careful,” shows the man strategically positioning himself near the door, scouting for potential targets. In a bold move, he sets his sights on two elderly women navigating through the train compartments. With lightning speed, he lunges for the chain, sending one of the women into a moment of sheer panic.
Yet, the situation takes a dramatic turn as the man’s audacious move backfires catastrophically. His attempt to seize the chain leads to a dangerous loss of balance, and he falls from the moving train. While the CCTV footage captured his fall, it appeared as though he intended to jump off to escape but misjudged the train’s speed, leading to an unexpected fall.
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The clip soon went viral, garnering a staggering 2 million views on the platform.
Take a Look:
*While traveling in a train be careful*— Narayanan R (@rnsaai) March 26, 2024
“Unexpected. Have to be extra careful now. Didn’t know these things happen in moving train as well,” commented one user. “For few sovereign he broke his legs or what? He behaved like a loose not thief,” remarked another. The third added, “Aren’t all trains supposed to have a cop who keeps doing the rounds? This is scary. India’s train stations need to have access only to travellers and not open for all riff raffs.”
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Meanwhile, the incident reportedly took place on Wednesday (March 13) around 7 p.m. in South India, although it remains unclear whether the man was injured or came into contact with the train’s wheels.


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